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Another One Drinks From The Poison Cup On Damages

Damages 3×05 – “It’s Not My Birthday”

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  1. damages fan
    February 27, 2010 at 5:21 pm

    “Speaking of reporter Josh, what kind of sleuth is this guy supposed to be? He waltzes into the District Attorney’s office, tells everyone he’s a friend of Ellen’s, and then asks her to be an anonymous source.”

    LOL! I didn’t even think about that. I guess I was too busy mistrusting the guy the entire time he was on my tv screen. Josh would NOT stop pestering Ellen with questions and it was really annoying.

    I was really shocked when the writers of DAMAGES decided to make Patty responsible for the attempt of Ellen’s life. I remember thinking (at the end of season one), “They won’t do that. How could they? It would mean getting rid of the Ellen character altogether because where do you go after something like that happens? How are viewers supposed to believe for a second that Ellen wants to be Patty’s best friend after all that went down?” So, I think it was a very bad decision on the part of the writers. Don’t get me wrong — I love seeing Patty and Ellen together and I want them to become a dynamic duo, but an attempted murder is quite a huge thing to ignore.

    I agree that the horse in the dream represents Ellen and I also think that Pete’s presence means that Patty is craving an intimate relationship with someone now that her uncle (the only one who remained loyal to her) is gone. Ellen may have lied throughout the second season, but she was faithful to her in the end (by coming clean about the FBI crap) so she’s the best successor. Lonely Patty NEEDS Ellen (emotionally).

    Of course, the writers for this show may see things very differently.

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