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Show of Mythology, Show of Characters

Lost: Hopes for the Final Season

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I have all previous posts archived at the new location, plus this is where I will be adding new posts for shows like Lost, Survivor, Parks and Recreation, Caprica, and more. I know it’s a pain to update your bookmarks, but the new location means I will be able to upgrade the quality of the site while maintaining WordPress blog support. There will be new features with a more practical format and I will be able to analyze even more shows in the coming weeks. Thanks for supporting Word Bribery at its old location. I can’t wait until you guys see what we have in store now.

  1. Frank Thomas
    February 4, 2010 at 12:03 am

    I wholeheartedly agree. The mystery of the series keeps up interest (what will happen if most of the mysteries have been solved?)but as Carlton Cuse – the driving force – said in an interview it’s the journey that truly matters, i.e. the journey of the characters.
    Libby hasn’t gotten the treatment she deserved but in general nor have many of the other, unnamed Oceanic 815 survivors or “redshirts”. There could or should have been more supporting roles, at least in Season 2. Audiences would have been able to digest a little more complexity rather than kill off the other survivors in a hail of flaming arrows (from what I’ve learned so far, we’ll probably find out in Season 6 who actually shot these arrows… – other than the scriptwriters)

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